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About Us

Earth Engineers, Inc.

Our Mission

Is to guarantee specialized professional services on the field of foundations, geotechnical and construction materials testing engineering to companies, government agencies, institutions or individuals who request these. Earth Engineers Inc. will provide personal oriented services, and will offer our clients the highest quality standards.

Our Vision

Is to contribute to the quality of life in Puerto Rico through geotechnical and foundations engineering consultation and construction materials testing (QC & QA); collaborate with developers and contractors of projects to achieve their goals by making our for Puerto Rico’s economic development through our geotechnical experience and the creation of employment.

Our Main goal

Will always be to keep the highest professional, ethical and quality standards.

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  • Geotechnical Consulting Engineering

  • Construction Material Testing

  • Soil Laboratory Testing
  • Field Earthwork Inspections

  • Geophysical Testing

  • Geotechnical Monitoring
  • Geotechnical Drilling

  • Environmental Drilling

Professional services

Has over 16 years of experience